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So you have stumbled upon the "I Want to See Your Smile" mkr rpg page? Well welcome! Let me first tell you that this webpage will react funny unless you are viewing it with a 1024x768 screen and ie browser of 5.0 or better. With that out of the way we can now continue with the questions, history, and updates of the "mkr_rpgml" or as I like to call it "I Want to See Your Smile" group.

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First off: "What is 'I Want to See Your Smile'? Or What is MKR_RPGML?" To answer that question I would say that this page and ultimately this group of players working through their characters is an rpg group based on Magic Knight Rayearth by CLAMP.

"What is a RPG?" Specifically a rpg or rp stands for 'role play game' where you role play a choosen character wither that be original or previously part of CLAMP's original creation [manga or animated form].

"Okay I get that but how do I join?" Go check out the rules section. When you do that and have a bio completely made, after checking which characters are taken or make an original character up, then send it to me via the form on the 'join' page. Pretty simple really!

"I've sent my bio in now what?" Well here comes the fun part (at least for the moderator panel)!!! Three of us look over your bio and judging on how well you have put it together, your role play sample, and general 'feel' you are then alerted to wither you have been accepted or not.

"But what does the panel look for in a bio? I dont want to be rejected..." Don't worry about being rejected! There are usually only three ways you will be turned down and these are: 1. You have not put in a role play sample or vital information is missing, 2. You have submitted a bio for a character already taken, or 3. You are a previous member [or believed to be] that has been banned due to breaking of the rules (three strikes youre out policy... unless you flame/purposefully mock/ or name call a player occ then you will be banned on first offense).

"I've been accepted! Yay! Now what?" Well if you have been accepted then I will sign you up to the list on Groups.Yahoo! This group is moderated [i.e. I review each message sent] so that forwards and unwanted e-mail does not go to your personal account. Once you are signed up you can start posting right away to the game! Easy isnt it?

If you are worried that you may do something wrong or if this is the first time you've ever played a rp game online dont worry! Our players were once begingers too! This group is like a family and we happily embrace new members. If you have questions feel free to ask them because we're more than happy to help.

Background information on "I Want to See Your Smile": Wow! You actually want to know some History about this group/page? I am surprized! (If you want to see updates go down below to the marquee). This group started after a long anticipatory wait for myself. I first heard of "Magic Knight Rayearth" about 1995/1996 not long after it came out in Japan. However it wasnt untill 1998/1999 that I got to see MKR! After reading the first three volumes of manga [us release,first edition] I decided in the summer of 2000 (I was heading into my senior year of high school) to create my very own Magic Knight Rayearth rpg group! I believe I was the fourth or third person with a mkr rpg at Anipike! I first established a group at Groups at Yahoo on June 18 2000 quickly followed by the groups own page on June 23 2000. Right away I got a pretty good response.

Interestingly we have alot of the old members still playing! That means they've been here roughly 2 1/2 years! This group is still very active, but like all groups we have our up months and down months, though I found out that we are the longest running and still functional group! ::Celebrating almost three years together:: We encourage people to apply for the group because many of our member are only five months in the group! We love to see new faces!

Other: If you are looking for mkr fanart, wallpapers, fanfiction, or general character/couple shrines then please check out my "other" pages. More coming soon!

Updated 4/13/03: Getting things in order and spring cleaning around here! Here is whats new; Archive- posted Crossroads 28, Crossroads 29, as well as summaries for crossroads 28 and 29. Upcoming- new look? Suggestions? Who knows?

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