Dear Members,
What has Umi done? Take a look! Hopefully the pages contained within have all the information you have ever wanted for characters, player stats, history, Crossroads extras, and even something special... well +[ extra ]+ - [ special ] every once in awhile.

Wondering what a few things are? Go check them out. There may be a secret or two on this page every so often so keep checking up on it... ::grins and waves her finger:: More things will be added as I go and as you, the members of 'I Want to See Your Smile' MKR RPGML, make suggestions or dare I say it... donations of art and other tidbits! Remember take care and keep forging onward! The future awaits where the will determines!

Your Moderator,
Ryuuzaki Umi a.k.a Tina

P.S. Please go to "players" then by your player name please click on the linked 'g' for my christmas gift to each of you! Its not much but I hope that this brightens your day!!