Clef is born on Cephiro. (He is 749 in 2002.)

Crux is born on Chephiro

The village Crux lives in is burned to the ground by a corrupt group of Mercenarys. Crux disappears from sight.

1730 March-
Crux reappears leading a group of Mercenary's. He first act is to hunt down the group who killed his family and destroyed his village.

1730 May-
Black Cross Mercenary group founded by Crux.

After a long and bloody campaign Crux and the Black Cross simply disappear.

1850 April-
Albrecht Laguardia is born on Cephiro. A rumor circulates that he is the son of Crux. It is never proven to be true or false.

Kent Allard is born.

Allard enters the Secret Service. A year later, he is attached to the French embassy in Moscow and is of service to Czar Nicholas II. He is rewarded with the girasol ring and begins to use the cloak and hat.

With the advent of World War I, Allard enters the flying service and becomes an ace, though his main activities are those of an intelligence agent with the Seventh Star, the Czar's intelligence group. During this period he adopts the alias of the Black Eagle to protect his true identity.

Ostensibly working for the Czar, Allard is, in truth, an American agent sent to manipulate the Russian crown and prolong the war until America is ready to enter it. In 1918, faking an air crash, the Black Eagle goes behind enemy lines to set up an espionage network. Allard locates and maps an enemy air base, then escapes in a German plane back to the American lines.

Allard's guilt drives him to wander Europe and Asia without purpose except to sell his espionage services to the highest bidder. In 1922 Kent Allard meets Lamont Cranston (the first Cranston), a drug runner, in Shanghai, China. (This man is actually not Lamont Cranston; it is Lamont's criminal twin brother, Lafayette Cranston, who is using his brother Lamont's identity and good name.) Their plane crashes and they are rescued by inhabitants of the secret city of Shambala. Allard kills Cranston after Cranston kills some of their benefactors and takes hostages.

Allard takes the late Cranston's identity and, during the years of his disappearance, takes paladin training at Shambala and studies under an immortal Chinese master or masters. One of Allard's instructors is named Chen T'a tze. Allard (the second Cranston) and the man who will be known as Shiwan Khan first meet while studying with the Chinese masters. Allard is also gifted with an age-delaying elixir used by the Shambalans. All the while, Allard continues to struggle against his dark side and evil impulses

Allard returns briefly to civilization and flies a proposed air mail route to South America, discovering the Xinca Indians of the Yucatan. An idol worshipped by the Xincas has two girasols for its eyes, one of which is missing. The missing eye is the stone in Allard's ring from the Czar. The stone had been taken from the idol centuries ago, during the Spanish Conquest, and had eventually made it into the hands of the Czar. The Xincas worship Allard as a god and give him the idol's remaining eye, the second girasol. Allard has a new ring made identical to the first, with the exception that the second ring holds the Chinese sign of Chow Lee engraved on its base, while the original holds the sign of the Seventh Star (the Russian spy group). Later in the year Allard fakes his death in an air crash in the jungles of Guatemala, and news reports spread that aviator Kent Allard has been lost in South America.

Allard, as Cranston, succumbs to his evil nature and becomes a vicious drug lord in Tibet. In 1928, Allard is kidnapped by a Tibetan tulku, a holy man, and undergoes a forced redemption, accompanied by further mental and physical training.

Summer 1929-
Allard creates the identity of the Shadow. He begins gathering agents worldwide in his quest against evil, and again takes the identity of Lamont Cranston (he is the second Cranston), which he will use along with many other identities. Meanwhile, the real Cranston (the third Cranston) becomes an agent of the Shadow; his main usefulness will be in staying out of New York while the Shadow is using the Cranston identity.

December 1934-
(The Shadow 1994 movie) First appearance of Margo Lane and of new agent Dr. Roy Tam. The Shadow battles Shiwan Khan.

March-April 1937-
When the real Lamont Cranston (the third Cranston) is reported injured in a plane crash in Europe, and Cranston (The Shadow, the second Cranston) is simultaneously seen in New York, the Shadow retreats to his true identity of Kent Allard: Allard "returns" from South America and becomes another alternate identity used by the Shadow.

The Black Cross makes its existance known. During the years they were not in the spotlight, it seems Crux has taken a smaller part in the working of the Black Cross.

When Mao Zedong takes over China, Allard is recalled to Shambala and the city's existence is totally concealed and cut off from the outside world.

The Shadow contacts Burbank for the first time in ten years, looking for news of the outside world.

Crux disappears from Cephiro. At the same time the birth records for Deacon Cross are filed.

July 24th, Mackey Muchitsujo is born.

The Shadow meets Burbank in New Jersey and together they begin the recruitment of a new set of agents, in preparation for the Shadow's eventual return to the West. The Cross family dies in a plane crash in the jungles of Peru.

1981, March 27th-
Kaine Laguardia is born on Cephiro.

Kyle (Skyhawk) is born.

Chad is born.

Mid 1982-
Chad and Skyhawk are both ported away due to mysterious circumstances. They are lost in a dimensional stream and seperated. They are both discovered by two different people. Chad discovered by a man named Jamar. And Kyle by an organization known as "Black Lotus."

1984 March 3rd-
Ryuuzaki Umi is born.

1984 August 8th-
Hikaru Shidou is born

1984 December 12th-
Fuu Hououji is born

August 1986 (Crossroads Gaiden)-
Chad's training from Jamar starts. Kyle's begins with Black Lotus as well. Kent Allard, under the guise of Lamont Cranston Junior, (Lamont Cranston's son supposedly) travels to Japan for a business trip, gets acquainted with Umi Ryuuzaki's father and they become friends and business partners. The Shadow encounters the Black Lotus organization for the first time, and joins forces with Jamar the Desert Ghost, stepfather of Chad and ex agent of Black Lotus, to strike a mortal blow to the organization. Jamar, Lieutenant Travis, and the General sacrifice their lives to enable Chad and the Shadow to escape. The latter promises to safeguard Chad and to one day remind Kyle of the principles Travis stood for. Black Lotus is severely crippled and Kyle remains with them. Chad spends the rest of his years with Dr. Thomas Geric.

March 1987-
Deaths of agents Clyde Burke, Hawkeye, Cliff Marsland, Moe "Shrevvy" Shrevnitz, Dr. Rupert Sayre, and Jericho Druke. Agents Harry Vincent and Margo Lane, as well as Inspector Joseph Cardona, are still alive. The Shadow returns to New York and poses as Lamont Cranston, Jr. The "real" Lamont Cranston (the third Cranston) must be dead by now.

June 1987-
Shiwan Khan appears. The Shadow is killed and the adventure concludes with his living head attached to a cyborg body. Will the Shadow somehow get a new organic body? The rest is silence. Or is it?

1990 Dec-
Albrecht is killed in a duel, leaving his 9 year old son, Kaine, to take over the job as Grand Master of the Black Cross.

about the time when Mackey would be beginning her life of crime.

1995- The Shadow, apparently fully resurrected from his fate in the late 80's, is released from cryo-freeze.

September 1995-
Kyle earns the name "Skyhawk" from his commander, and the commander soon finds out his history via diagnostic scan on the young man as he was sleeping.

1998, Spring (Magic Knight Rayearth 1st season) -
Umi, Hikaru, and Fuu are summoned to Cephiro for the first time ostensibly to rescue the . The first Presea is killed while creating the Magic Knight's swords. The Bal Ascot and Ral Caldina reform and Dal Lafarga is freed of Zagato's spell. Innova, Sol Zagato, and Emeraude are destroyed. They are returned home immediately after Emeruade's distruction. With Cephiro Pillar-less, the Cephironians' fear and negative emotions give birth to Debonair. Hikaru's own guilty conscience at having caused the Princess's death give birth to Nova as well. Nova wanders Cephiro in search of Hikaru and is adopted and indoctrinated by Debonair. Meanwhile, the other motley heroes and former servants of Zagato led by Guru Clef gather and construct a Palace as a haven for Cephiro's surviving people. Autozam, Chizeta, and Fahren almost simultaneously learn of Cephiro's fate and decide to take advantage of it for the sake of their respective nations. The NSX, Bravada, and Doumou are deployed en route to Cephiro. Lantis returns from Autozam and rescues Primera. Sierra the second Presea surfaces, with nearly everyone believing it was the real Presea come to life.

1998, Late Spring, Early summer (Magic Knight Rayearth season 2, about a week or more after the first visit)-
Umi, Hikaru, and Fuu are summoned back to Cephiro. Ascot has grown and Ferio has returned to being a prince. They encounter Princess Aska, Chief Advisor Chanan, Aska's servant Sanyun, Princesses Tarta and Tatra, Commander Eagle Vision, Sub-Commander Geo Metro, Chief Mechanic Zazu of the three invading worlds. The second war begins. Nova reveals herself to Hikaru. Hikaru and Eagle find the road to the pillar. After many battles, both internal and external, Eagle dies for Hikaru's sake. Alcione dies revealing where Debonair is hidden. Hikaru reconciles with Nova and the Magic Knights defeat Debonair. Hikaru makes a wish that there would no longer be a pillar system in Cephiro. Girls are returned to Earth and Cephiro, Autozam, Chizeta, and Fahren end up forming a mutually beneficial alliance and friendship. Peace reigns...for the moment.

1998, early winter-
Crux takes the identity of Deacon Cross and begins gathering Mercenary's from all walks of life.

Chad starts to have unusual dreams about his past. Skyhawk starts seeing strange visions as well. His studies are disrupted by this as his visions and dreams become more and more intense. Mackey quits her father's yakuza, having decided to at least try to lead an honest life. She can't escape her past, however, and the same people who once asked her to kill for them began hounding her day and night in attempts to kill her.

2002, March 3rd-
Umi turns 18 subsequently on the same day her mother falls ill and a week later slips into a comma.

2002 Spring (April/May)-
Kent Allard, once more as Lamont Cranston Junior, returns to Japan to renew the business contract between Cranston Industries and Mr. Ryuuzaki's firm amidst mysterious events that have occured to the Magic Knights families and friends, including the death of agent Kobayashi Ryo under suspicious circumstances. Ragyn makes himself known. The Black Cross Elders sense the shift in the balance of power and send Kaine to discover what is going on. During this time the Magic Knights are once again summoned to Cephiro, Emeruade is resurrected, Chad and Kyle go to Cephiro, Mackey goes to Cephiro, the Shadow goes to Cephiro, and Megor also goes to Cephiro.