Name: Arista Celeste Vision

Age: 18

Appearance: She has beautiful siliver hair with natural golden sunshine streaks. Extremely beautiful yet her eyes...very intense grey-violet eyes. She's about 5'6" and she rivals even Emeraude's beauty. She wears a tight suit with tight high boots and a light fashionable armor over.

*Attitude: She holds a certain sadness in her heart. Although, she's not at all quiet. You can say she has a wild personality. And her moto? "You only live once so go for it!" She's friendly, kind. Very independent, yet, fragile in a way.

Likes: Mangos, Nature, taking walks, playing the flute. Talking to the wind...(weird ability to communicate with nature), Originally from Autozam...was Eagle's younger sister.

Dislikes: She hates no one. But her trust must be earned. Dislikes anything unpleasant.

Anything Else: She is the sister of Eagle Vision and has his kind nature. But because of Autozams lack of nature, she sometimes travels to places without modern technology, therefore learning her ability to communicate with the wind and the waters. Arista was extremely close to her brother, failing to get along with her father.

Brief Role Play Using your character:

She looked at Zazu, a faint smile on her lips, her violet eyes burning into his. "Welcome home..." she greeted him. Not seeing her brother, she frowned. "Zazu...where's my brother?" Arista asked, her voice trembling. "Where is he...?"

Zazu shook his head slowly, keeping his head down, refusing to meet her eyes once more. "He's...not coming back..."

"What are you saying...? Tell me! What are you saying???" she said, her voice shaking, her eyes threating to spill her tears. "Geo! Geo!" Arista called to Eagle's tall friend, her voice filled with heaviness.

Geo emerged from the ship, his eyes meeting hers, yet, he did not say anything.

"Tell me...what happened to Eagle? What happened to my brother?" the silver-haired girl commanded an answer. Arista held her violet eyes to burn into Geo's and within a moment, she knew it was true....

Her brother was dead.