Character you wish to Play: Bal Ascot
Age: 17 or 18
Appearance: His duds in the second season
Attitude: Moderately shy kind of teenaged boy, but cares deeply for his friends. A little suspicious of ppl who he doesn't know. And as for his temper, let's just say that he has a long fuse but it's attached to a very big explosive.
Likes: Umi, green, Caldina, math, hats, and umm.... .. pasta??
Dislikes: his trust being misused, racists, Clef on occasion, and heat.
Anything Else: Nothing else at the moment...

Brief Role Play Using your Character:

The virecent-eyed Bal crooked his mouth thoughtfully, chewing on his lower lip.

"I'm not sure," he said, looking up at his green-haired companion, "It might not work if Gau is on the same plain of existance as we are. But I'll give it a try, anyhow. Seeming as he was your friend..."

Ascot stepped away from the esper-girl, and raised his arm aloft, a soft glow in the form a circular outline forming in front of his limp hand. The green-eyed boy suddenly outstretched the hand in question forcefully, and the circular outline shone brightly and vividly in unison -- to reveal one of Ascot's familiar pentograms used for summoning his seijyuu.

He muttered a long phrase of foreign tongue under his breath, concentrating hard on the task at hand....etc etc etc.....