Character: Ral Caldina
Age: 24
Appearance: Her outfit in the second season, occasionally the first season duds.
Attitude: Caldina is an all-round upbeat person with always a happy outlook on life -- and a very high self-esteem. And although Caldina is the kind of person whom is very easy to get along with, she is very manipulative and controlling, despite her happy face. Only few people have uncovered that fact, even though it was always present. She's understanding and materialistic. Nice girl!^_^
Likes: Money, Dal Lafarga, oufits that allow you to be free to jump about as you please, aka, small-fitting clothes, Bal Ascot, baths, and salad. She enjoys dancing.
Dislikes: depressing situations, cheaters, is impatient to people who have a penchant to be shy, and lies.
Anything Else: My Caldina has officially and legally adopted Bal Ascot as her little brother, and has a secretive relationship with Lafarga.

Brief Role Play:

Caldina jumped up from her seat at the mention of his name, her eyes blazing.

"What?!", she exclaimed, "That can't be! He's been dead ever since I can remember! That can't be true...!"

She glanced around at the familiar faces who looked on the bronze-skinned Chizetan charmer in disbelief.

No.... she thought to herself, slumping back down heavily in her chair. I... this can't be true -- ! etc etc etc...