Character: Chad

age: 18

Appearance: 6'1,short dark blonde hair, blue jeans and a white tshirt, sapphire blue eyes,

Attitude: He's very quiet due to the fact he's very shy around people,and always has something on his mind that weights him down. He has a very heavy heart and hates violence more than anything else in the world.

likes: Spending time with animals,writing,and just thinking. He also likes to walk aimlessly as well.

Dislikes: Violence,Bullies,Perverts,and People that hurt the innocent.

role play: The thunder roared throughout the endless sky as the window shook due to the loud noise. Rain drops ran down the windows and the pitch black room lit up in seconds due to the illuminance of the lightning...Chad rose up sweating like mad. Tears flowing down his face, he turned to the window and placed his face into his hands. "The same dream.........Again.....What does all of this nonsense mean?!" He asked himself rising up out of bed. The time for questions was over..He had to find answers.....but how?