Character: Princess Emeraude

age: She has changed her childish appearance into an young woman of about...eighteen?

She wears her long white dress but in battle, she wears something that looks like Umi's ruin god clothes. Thigh high boots...and etc. She has a circlet on her head with a gem the color of her incredibly blue eyes. She looks eighteen when she's really about ...well, i think in reality she's TOO old comment on her age...

Strong-willed girl who finally realizes tears do no good for her people or her land. She cares and hurts for her happiness but she also cares about others around her. She's kind, and understand and knowing her, she can do things that might surpise you sometimes...

Zagato, Nature, the wind and the trees, the oceans and the volcanoes....the beauty of Cephiro is what she sees in her heart.

A princess that cannot really hate but she does not like people with bad manners and evil intentions (as well as bad words)

More info:
She doesn't need a ruin god! She's powerful enough, thank you very much! But...she does have some spells...I'll just not put it here cause i"m still thinking...

sample rp:
Emeraude sat still, quietly, staring into space. Her heart was filled with doubt...too much, yet, she could not cry. Crying does anyone no good. The radient beauty continued to be motionless but moments later, her emotions betrayed her and her tears fell into the beautiful crystal blue stream that flowed beside her, taking her tears with it....