Character name: Ferio

age: 15/16

Ferio has emerald-like, forestgreen hair, tied back in a little ponytail, and hazel eyes. He has two small scars; one on his nose and one on his left cheek.He is of a fairly slender build and most likely average, or perhaps slightly less than, height for his age.Ferio's usual clothes consist of a relatively baggy, yellow shirt over a dark turtleneck shirt and white gloves.Ferio also has two earrings.He wields a sword almost as long as he is tall, and does it pretty well, too!

Ferio can basically be summarized in one word-charming.And a bit of a flirt at times.But not too much.Of course, he can also be serious when he has to, and considerate of others.Ferio's quite confident in his swordskills.Accordingly too, after all, not everyone would be able to use a sword that size! He is basically someone that does care about his friends when he is needed.Pretty outgoing and generally pleasant.

likes: Fuu, sleep, practising with his sword, taking naps.

Dislikes: sleep deprivation, probably seeing Fuu get hurt. Other friends, too.

Role play:
Monotonous...Every day, the same procedures repeated themselves.Day in, day out.Nothing happened.Or at least, if something did, it wasn't relevant. 'Not to me, anyway...' the green-haired youth corrected himself, hazel eyes flashing as he skilfully swung his sword in different training routines.Ferio tried to concentrate harder on practising, but somehow, today he simply could not.It was as if with every passing day, these thoughts plagued him more and more, making it difficult to sit still and watch everything happen like it always had. Well, not really always.It was different...when they were here...The Magic Knights...and... Fuu... Fuu...

A slight breeze swept in through an open window, ruffling his unkempt green hair, causing the short ponytail to whip against the back of his neck for a moment.Ferio brought his blade down on an invisible, non-existant foe, almost viciously. He'd tried to forget, but it wouldn't happen...No, it wouldn't be right to give up hope, the least he could do was keep on thinking of her, even if they'd never meet again.Even if things seemed so dreary and slow-moving now... 'But who knows? Stranger things have happened...'