Character: Fuu

age: 14

Appearance: A young girl of fourteen. Fuu is of average height. She keep her blond, curly hair shoulder length. When she first entered Cephiro she was adorned with a pair of glasses but is not vistion-impaired in her Magic Knight form. Without the glasses her green eyes stand out much more.

Attitude: Fuu is a calm and usually quite girl. She is respectful of everyone she believes diserves that respect. When she or those she cares about are in danger, she is more than willing to sacrarice what is needed.

likes: Sushi, Green, Ferio, Math, and her fellow magic knights

dislikes: Yucky food, Art, evilness

Information :
Fuu is a born archer. She lives with the parents and older sister. She is very smart and attends a school of guienus's. She finds herself extrememly fond of the swordsman Ferio. Her hobbies include read and programming computers. She hopes to one day be in the computer field of employment.

Sample roleplay:
Fuu walked quietly along the edge of the forest, doing nothing in particular. Only thinking, just thinking quitly to herself. She thought of her own destiny and what it had become. She was a true magic knight, detined to save Cephiro. Was that the Magic Knight's only role? She wanted so much more from Cephiro. It was like a dream almost. At any time she would wake up in her bed and loose so much. The beauty of Cephiro would be lost when the dream ended. A tear rolled down her cheek. When she awoke, she would loose Ferio. It couldn't end like that! If only Cephiro was her true home! But then, what of her real home? Of her parents and sister..? Was is one or the other..? Hououji Fuu let a sad sigh escape from her lips, another tear slid silently from her eye. "One or the other." She wispered.