Character: Hikaru Shidou

Age: 14

Appearance: Hikaru has fiery red hair that is normally seen in a braid. Her large red eyes show a lot of expression. She isn't exactly 'short' but she is the smallest out of the three knights.

Attitude: Hikaru is not a selfish person. She cares more about other people than she cares about herself. She's really a brave, innocent girl. She's good at kendo and sword skill.She is a pure, honest, and simple girl.

Likes: Playing with her dog, Hikari.

Dislikes: Music class

Info: Her spells are Honou no Ya (Flame Arrow) and Akai Inazuma (Red Lighting), among others. Her favorite food is ice cream , and she doesn't like any spicy food. She is very well trained in kendo and she can talk to animals.She wants to be a seeing-eye dog trainer when she grows up. Hikaru was born on August 8th and is a Leo, with a blood type of O. She doesn't have a mother, but she lives with her father and her three older brothers. Her element is fire and her rune god is rayearth.

Role Play:
Hikaru slowly raised her eyes to the setting sun, knowing that another day had passed in the magical land of Cephiro. Standing, she walked in the direction of the green forest in front of her. She took several steps into the forest before dropping to her knees. Crying she thought about her family back at home. 'It'll be ok. They'll always be there waiting for you', she continually thought to herself. "If I know that's true, then why do i continue to worry so much...?"