character: Kyle (AKA: Skyhawk)

age: 19

Appearance: He wears a long,brown trenchcoat with a red scarf tucked in. He wears a pair of pitch black shades hiding his ocean-blue eyes and has long white hair

attitude: Calm and very cooled off. He shrugs life as if it was merely a pastime.

likes: talking with is brother, and doing missions solo.

Dislikes: weak-minded people,and people that rave on about themselves and their abilities.

role play: The Shadow had once again eluded the organization known as Black Lotus and now the time had come to send in their rank 1 agent.....Codename: Skyhawk. But the mission would have to wait. Kyle was gone on another mission checking out some strange happenings that had been going on inside his brother's school. Skyhawk's communicator beeped a few times and the beshaded one answered quickly. "Skyhawk here...What's the deal?" The boss informed him that the Shadow was more than likely not a great deal of distance away,and for him to be careful. "I'm not worried about that....I have much more..Important things to worry about...This is Skyhawk,breaking contact." And with that,the mysterious stranger proceeded on looking throughout the school for his brother....and for the cause of the incidents.