Cjaracter: Kyoko Hououjii

age: 16

Kyoko is a young woman with a calm sort of appearence. Her hair is a fluffy, wavey mass that hungs to a length just down her back. Her hair is a light blong, with on simple streak of light green covering her left eye. Her eyes are normally a bright shade of green, but they can seem more of a dark shade in grave situations. Kyoko's cheeks are tinted pink constantly, showing her shy nature.

Kyoko can be seen as rather quiet and very shy. She likes people of almost any personality type, but being in big crowds can make her feel nervous. Losing her temper is a rarity, but can come when loved ones are threatened. She can also be rather teasing on occasion, but only in a light-hearted sense. She is a girl who shows respect to everyone, even if she does not seem to like them very much. She does tend to have little faith in herself and doubts weather or not she is worth anyone's time.

likes: Music, sketching, watching the sky, and being close to people she cares for

dislikes: Heights, large crowds, being picked on, failing, and seeing people get hurt

Kyoko is the daughter of Ferio and Fuu. (Wasn't that obvious) She traveled to the current time (in which the RPG takes place) for a few specific reasons. Kyoko wants to help those in the past, because she hates the thought of people having to suffer and she is also afraid of a ruptured past affecting the future she comes from. On a note that is more personal, Kyoko also wanted to see her parents when they were young and their lvoe was just blossoming, so she can know more about how her parents feel for one another.

Sample roleplay:
Kyoko leaned pack against the rough bark of the large oak tree behind her, feeling relief from the shade the tree gave her. A soft smile graced her lips as her pencil moved across the paper in her sketch pad; the lines slowly taking on the form of her favorite statue. It was a memorial sculpture of her Aunt; the late Pillar of Cephiro.

A voice filled the young woman's ears and she looked up, watching the figure of her father approach her. She smiled and returned to her sketch as she waited for him to reach her side.