Character: Lielandra

age: 17

Lielandra stands at about 5’ 9”. She has short bright emerald green hair and her eyes are a light brown. Her skin is lightly tan. For an outfit she has on a yellow dress that is losses and blows in the breeze. It exposes her shoulders, and at the top in the middle of the chest, a dark blue stone is connected to it and is also connected to a dark blue chocker around her slim neck. She has in two Dark Blue orb earrings and often has a dark blue stoned tiara thing in her hair. Over her shoulders she has a long white shall that she only has if she is clod. Around her wrists are white losses arm wraps held at the wrist by dark blue wrist bands. Normally in her hair, she has some kind(s) of flowers.

Attitude: Leilandra is a quite girl who prefers to listen and observe then to actually take part in the world. She almost always seems with drawn or out of it, but has a good perception of what is going on. If someone dose get her to lighten up, she trusts that person and befriends them. Leilandra’s biggest problem is that she keeps her opinions to herself, especially if she thinks they would hurt someone. To her, her friends and others come first and is always there for them. She is also devoted to learning magic.

likes: Magic, her teacher, flowers, peacefulness, Seijyus (spirit Beasts), learning, walking, singing

dislikes: Loud high pitched noises, seeing her teacher sad, seeing others in pain or unhappy, people who talk about themselves

Information: She does know some magic

-Magic -
Geo Crash (Earth)
Traera Freeze
Atomic Mind
Slight of the hand
Small amounts of teleportation, but this tires her out

Her Dream: To study magic under Guru Clef and be able to summon and cast Magic like he dose

Sample roleplay:
Lielandra dangled her foot in the shallow pool underneath her. She sat perched on a rock over looking a small crystal pond. The wind lightly blew though her emerald mane as she read deep into a magic book.
“So I make this motion with my hand and……”

All of the sudden, the water exploded and went high into the air. Lielandra looked up and saw it.

“Oh no………”

The rain fell over her as she sighed and covered the op of her head with the book. “Well, the spell works.”