Character you wish to Play: Mackey (made up character)
Age: 22

Appearance: Very short (4'6") with long black hair that she wears in a mullet (with the front and top very spikey and the long part hidden under an oversized, black chauffeur's cap) and sapphire-blue eyes. She appears to be about 12, but will let you know otherwise with the cast-iron mallet she carries around. Wears mainly black, with some variety (namely white, blue, or army drab) and black leather driving gloves. And she laughs like Kodachi: "OOHHHHHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" ^^

Attitude: Is slightly tomboyish and don't take flack from NO ONE, especially if she thinks that she can beat them up. Mackey is also very philosophical if you let her think for long enough and has an ......interesting........ sense of humor. As for how she talks, she sounds like Caldina, only weirder and tends to slip words and phrases into her sentences and do crazy things with them until the whole thing becomes completely ludicrous and insane and certain short gurus wish to grant her a smack upside the head.

Likes: Peace and quiet, believe it or not, but she'll trade it all in for some good music. But if that isn't an option, she'll settle for a good book or a nice walk.
Dislikes: Sunlight, more than anything else. She's allergic to it.
Anything Else: Is the head mechanic for a Tokyo car repair shop and can fix or operate any kind of machinery, but is not good at running or dodging

Brief Role Play Using your character: In the second-story bedroom of an apartment building in downtown Tokyo all was quiet. The only light in the entire room was the faint red from the alarm clock that read "5:59 AM". Across the floor, a small woman slept silently with the occasional outburst of "Don' touch my Chicka!" and the like. Through the open window came a faint breeze and the sounds of the street below. It seemed that nothing could disturb such deep peace... "AYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Silence was made to be broken. At the stroke of six, the alarm clock went off, the lights went on, and the spikey-haired chick had let out a cry that was heard across the street. "Why do I hafta wake up so early? Can't the guys start work without me for a few hours?! Great Meeps, what I need is a frickin' vacation! Lemme out of this life, for the freeging snakes of Bleem!!!" The woman cried as she put her clothes on just in time to avoid being a character in an extremely kinky RP. At that moment, something soft and white flew in through the window and collided with her head. "Ow!" "Pu?"It said. Feeling freindly that day, the woman decided that the bunny-like creature was her new pet. "Hey, I'm Mackey." she said, "What's you're name, lil' dude?" "Puu!" It said. "Well, okay, Puu. How did you get in here?" Looking out the window, Mackey saw only three young girls on the street, all of whom were looking at her as if they'd lost something...