Character: Ryuuzaki Megor

Age: 19 1/2

Appearance: 5'9, dark tanned skin, dark brown eyes, long black hair and scars covering his body. He wears a black tanktop and black fighting pants as well as a black wrapping around his waist (like a belt). He wears a black torn cloak over his attire.

Attitude: full of rage and anger within. he's not hesitant to speak his mind immediatly and is afraid of nothing.

likes: nothing really

dislikes: life itself

He's the brother of Umi Ryuuzaki,however,this fact is little known to many,except for him. His parents also know about his abduction by the band of misfits and "criminals" known as the "Wild Winds". He travels mostly through the desert in search of death or the ultimate fight.

Sample roleplay:
The monster leaped towards the cloaked individual with a howl of rage. The traveller had come upon it's territory and now it was going to rip him to shreds! The creature attacked viciously with it's razor sharp claws that were designed for death! However,the mysterious stranger dodged and avoided it's each and every single attack. Finally the cloaked one delivered a punch sending his fist through the monster's chest and out it's back. The monster coughed up blood and fell to the ground. The young warrior wiped his hands with a cloth and threw it to the ground. "Feh....Another opponent crushed. When will my destiny call? When will I find the one that will bring me my death and end my misery?" The voice was raspy and deep,and very intimidating. The one known to very few as Megor Ryuuzaki turned and continued on his journey throughout the desert.