Character: Neira Eco

Homeworld/Nationality: Fahren

Age: 18

Hair: burgundy

Eyes: violet

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Neria's skin is very pale, accenting both her hair and her eyes. She is very thin compared to most people, almost waif like in appearance. She wears robes of deep blue with silver accents and often walks around barefoot. She has a small grouping of blue jewels under her left eye in the outline of a teardrop. Her hair is wavy, medium length and worn down most of the time.

Although she looks very forelorn most of the time, she's actually a very amiable and optimistic person.

She doesn't speak much, thanks to the destructive powers of her voice. Therefore she communicates mostly by telepathy. (Her telepathy is only for communication, she has not developed it as a weapon.) She is also an elemental mage, her primary element being fire.

Fighting skills:
Basic instinct, if that counts. ^^ Otherwise, next to none save for her magic. Her life has been spent learning magic, not hand to hand combat.

Neira is fifth in line for the throne of Fahren (WAY behind her cousin Asaka). She really has no desire to rule, wishing to live a peaceful and normal life of her own. Her destructive voice first appeared when she was 9 when she was aksed to sing at one of the Kings most popular gala parties. She brought down the house down...literally. Since then, she has learned to speak telepathically and does so with ease. She does speak verbally but her voice never rises above a whisper. She is very scared of her powers. And so were her parents, who appealed to Master Mage Clef to take her in as a student and help her to control her natural gifts.

At the age of 13 she was moved to Cephiro castle where she serves/served as a lady in waiting to Princess Emeraude while learning the basics of magic. Clef has been very pleased with her progress over the years. She has taken an affinity to elemental magic, which he believes may be of use to the Magic Knights. While he does have to keep her from burning down the garden from time to time, he mostly allows her to practice in private and away from prying eyes.

Neira's quarters are in a solitary part of the castle. While she does not seek refuge there unless it is to sleep, she has decorated it with things from her homeworld. If she is not practicing magic or taking her place at court, Neira enjoys spending quiet moments under a large willow tree in the center of the castle garden, reading a book.

Sample Writing:

The winds were awfully quiet that morning. The sun had refused to show its face from behind the clouds crowding the sky above. Rain threatened over the northern horizon, bringing what could be the most rain the land had seen in months.

Neira looked up from her book as the winds died once again. She glanced at the horizon, silently wishing the rain would hold off...just a little while longer. The story was just getting good and she was hoping to finish it before her lessons.

But a small rumble of thunder told her that the story would just have to wait a little while longer.

With a quiet sigh, the girl stood. With one hand she clutched the book to her chest. With the other she brushed off the back of her robes, pushing away the dirt and dry grass from the navy material. She shook her bare feet free of any loose dirt, then set her sights on a small building in the distance. She would be practicing away from the castle today. And under Caldina's instruction.

Even if the rain ruined her story, practicing with Caldina always proved to be an interesting experience. The woman was relentless as a headmistress, but most comical in her approach. Neira loved to practice with her.

First, she would be required to practice her breathing techniques...something Master Mage Clef stressed above all else when working with magic. Secondly they would go over the basics -- lighting a candle with the mind, summoning a rainstorm (which would probably be left out today) and moving objects around the room without breaking anything. Finally they would move on to adavanced technique, using the lessons that Clef had prescribed for Neira and only her. Brushing a stray piece of hair from her violet eyes, Neira began her trek to the shack in the distance.

And if she was lucky, she wouldn't burn this one down....