Character: Nova

Age: Unknown, but looks the same age as Hikaru

Appearance: Looks exactly like Hikaru, but with very long curly pink hair. Wears a black suit with a breastplate that looks similar to Hikaru's armor.

Attitude: Seemingly sweet at first glance, but also appears selfish at times, since she wants Hikaru all to herself.

Likes: Hikaru, Debonair

Dislikes: Everyone Hikaru loves

Nova claims to have been born from Hikaru, which would seem to explain her outward likeness and her ability to use the exact same magic as Hikaru. She is also capable of creating two swords of yellow light and she controls a Mashin called Regalia, which Debonair created. She can also gain power from any fear or other negative emotions inside Hikaru's heart, which could make her a very powerful enemy.

Role Play:
Nova suddenly blasted her way into the guest quarters, where Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu were with the other people of Cephiro. "It's been a long time, Hikaru. My mother finally allowed me to come see you again. This time, I will kill both of your friends! Don't get in my way! For nothing will stop me from killing them!" Then she walked over to Hikaru, who had a shocked look on her face. She pulled out a pendent that was hanging around Hikaru's neck. "Oh, yes, Hikaru. I know you're in love with Lantis. But you should know that he will never love you back. You were the one who killed his older brother, after all. So, why bother at all, Hikaru?" Nova then smiled an evil smile at Hikaru.