Character: Quatre Raberba Winner

age: 15

Appearance: Quatre has fairly short, tidy blonde hair and aquamarine eyes. At 1, 56 m he is a relatively short fifteen year old, often appearing weak and a lot younger than he actually is. However, appearances can be deceiving...Quatre is no weakling. The blonde-haired young man usually dresses in a light pink shirt, dark purple vest and khakis.

Attitude: Quatre is an unusually sweet-natured kind of guy most of the time. He is always willing to help out, and stick by his friends. Quatre will fight for what he believes in, as well as to protect people from getting hurt and feeling sorrow. Of course, being human, Quatre can lose his temper upon occasion...After all, they do say, it's always the quiet ones...

likes: tea, his Gundam Sandrock, his friends, playing music (violin, piano)

Dislikes: fighting, war

role play: It appeared that the show had already begun.

Quietly, Quatre took a seat among the relatively small, meager audience. He joined in with applauding the performers, seeing that the act had ended.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, Catherine Bloom our knife-throwing beauty and her assistant, Trowa Barton!" came the booming voice of the ringmaster announcing the next act.

A slender brunette and a young man dressed in a clown's outfit entered, bowing to the audience. Quatre found himself paying more attention to the boy, rather than the performance in general...

He looked so calm...Unusually long bangs covered one half of his face, leaving only one of his emerald green eyes exposed and visible. The boy took his place against a board which had a large target painted on it.

Unconsciously, Quatre leaned forward in his seat, holding his breath. The young woman, Catherine, smiled, pulling her arm back and aiming...