Name: Ragyn

Age: thousands...

Age Appearance: 22

Sex: Male

Appearance: Long white hair is tied up, usualy, in a ponytail which is slung over his back and ends roughly right between his shoulder blades. His skin almost glows in the dark lending even more to the suggestion that Ragyn is an albino, at least in coloring, and his red eyes with their black pupils suggest a darkness within. He stands about "6'0" tall although no one has gotten close enough to judge, including Kyle nor the Shadow.

Planet of Origin: The Shadow has ruled out the possibility that it would be Earth but is still inclined to think that it is Cephiro this "off-worlder' comes from.

Occupation: None- living for revenge.

Other info: He doesnt want the Knights to return to Cephiro. He is causing deaths and accidents around the Knight's love ones and he suggests he will 'help' Cephiro...somehow.

Background: A thousand years ago he fought against the Cephireans for some reason. In a flashback we get a glimpse of a girl named Freya but nothing is known on her either. We also gather that he did not win this battle and was ultimately sealed beneath the soil somewhere on Cephiro.