Full name: Umi Ryuuzaki age: 14-16

Birthday: March 3

Sign: Pisces

Grade: 8th Favorite Color: Blue

Element of Control: Water

Likes: Baking cakes, fencing

Dislikes: sweets

Mizu no Ryu - Water Dragon
Aoi Tatsumaki - Blue Waterspout
Kouri no Yaiba - Ice Sword

Life Outside of Cephiro: Ryuuzaki Umi, Umi, comes from a rather rich family consisting of her mother,father, and herself. Her mother is the typical house wife and her father a typical business man. In fact her life seems to come from something out of Pleasantville. However deep down in the exterior of herself she seems lonely. Every morning at the same time she goes through the same rituals of getting ready for her elite private school where she attends 8th grade there. Her personality seems at first rude and stubbornness but deep down she cares alot. Although rather demanding at times she's generally really soft at heart and cares for her family deeply. between school and her family life she spends time at the gym practicing her fencing. Secretly she idolizes her "captain" even though she is now the school fencing captain.

Personality: As I said before she seems outwardly stubborn, demanding, and sometimes a rude beauty. Though hidden in her grace and charm there is a real caring loving person who loves her family and later Fuu and Hikaru and perhaps even Clef and Ascot. Though she cares deeply for all her associates and friends.

life in Cephiro (First season): At first Umi doesn't want to be there. Her feelings toward being whisked away from her home, fencing team, and her family are overwhelming. Who would want to be separated from those they truly care about not knowing how or what's happening to them. Though much pleading with everyone including Clef, Mokona, and the other two girls taken from Earth at Tokyo Tower she still is not able to get her wish granted. (ooc: perhaps that's why she always bashes Mokona?*lol*) Slowly a friendship develops between Fuu, Umi, and Hikaru and perhaps that is exactly what she needed.