Character: Zazu Torque
Age: 13 (I know what he said in the anime, but hey..)
Appearance: His Autozamian outfit in the manga
Likes: to drink, Geo, mechanical workings of anything, preferrably mechas, Eagle, to be appreciated, the FTO, and nice people.
Dislikes: to be confused if he can't figure it out, mean people, water, people who take the FTO forgranted, and Chizeta.
Personality: Zazu is an easy, out-going and inquisitive kid who always wants to know everything about everything if it's possible. He doesn't like it when he doesn't get his way, and hates to be taken lightly just because he's a whole lot younger than everyone on the NSX... and just about everywhere else, too. ^_^
Brief role Play: [unnesseccary - moderator approved]