A Parting Eternal Rain. It was raining. Small tear shaped particles danced on the dry earth. Rain, the life giver. The plants would come back and bloom. Cherry blossoms would fraquant the air with the scent of heaven. In warning a bolt of lightening lite the sky. It was a odd accurance even in the spring time. Cephiro was the land of blue skys. It only rained when the land was dry and in need of water. The pillar controlled such rain falls. She controlled the one tormenting the land at that moment. The clouds cried the tears the pillar could not shed. The lightening was her anger and the rain her tears; the pillar grieved.

The final fight. The last blow and only two stood. It ranged in his mind from the report. And only two stood. He should have been there. He should have stood by her. She was gone. Gone. The words echoed in his ears.

He had not told her how he felt. The pain in his chest as he touched his child like hand to her own in comfort. His face tilted up to the rain which mingled with his tears. Streaming down his face, warm and cold, rain water and his salty tears slowly dropped from his chin. She was gone.

A small place in the garden was cleared out. It faced the sea northward. On sunny clear days one could smell the sea air on the breeze and imagine they heard the crash of waves upon distant shores. She would have loved it there. If only....

Clef leaned his head down. His staff lowered towards the ground in a final bow. If his will had been strong enough he could have saved her, lived by her side, and loved her. His knees scratched the ground. The dirt was still freashly over turned and caked his robes with mud. A pray. A last prayer was said; sent out for her to hear. In time he would see her again and then he would walk with her. Hands clasped around each others, but for now he had to deal with the pain.

A staff layed on a pile of stones. The final banner in a long battle or love and loss. Small child like foot prints lead away from the garden towards the castle. If one looked closely they could see the person had stopped and turned around to look one last time into the past.

The rain poured down in uneven sheets as the pillar grieved. Those of Cephiro felt the loss and grieved with her. The lavendar haired Guru most of all for whispered on the final prayer was his lost hope of love.
"Umi.. I love you..."

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