'It's nice here.' A soft smile took over her face again. She could almost go to sleep there on the rock. If it hadn't been for the voice she would have. Umi jumped up wide awake as the wind whispered.........."Umi."

In Cephiro:

Clef's eyes flew open and the vision cleared. Umi had been there. She was sitting on a rock with her head tilted back smiling and her eyes were closed in reflection. Her name had formed upon his lips and he had whispered her name. Almost instantely the vision seemed to hear his words and turned. "Umi..."

A dull thorbing in his chest reminded him that he himself had not dreamed it. A spell of clearvouance and he saw her. Was she truely what his heart wanted to see? The thought had hit him to do a clearvouance spell to check on the land of Cephiro but had something gone wrong? Had his heart wished for something else to see?

His hand trembled as he brought it up in front of his face to push back some of his lavender color hair. The hand holding the staff drifted up again while his shoulders relaxed. His aqua blue eyes closed and there she was again. "Umi? Can you hea..."

A loud crash and shuffled feet brought Clef out of his trance. His eyes flew open. Shouts could be heard from down the hall. Then everything was silent. 'What was that?' Clef swung around to face the door which had started to open.

"Madoushi Clef..." Ferio cleared his throat in the doorway. A look of surprize etched across his face and soon Clef's face reflected the same as a familiar blonde head looked around Ferio's shoulder.

"Goodevening Madoushi Clef. It is so nice to see you again." Fuu smiled and inclined her head. "Hikaru is down the hall visiting Lantis if you wish to speak to her. Is there a reason why we were summoned back?"

"I..." Clef's mouth gaped and then he closed it. A frown creased his features in the slant the midday sun which streamed through the glass cieling above him. The rays that fell to the floor swirled up dust in the air or appeared to have tiny slow swirling tornados of dust trapped in a barrier of light. He shifted silently disturbing a swirling ray of light and sent the contents to fly off to other rays of light.

"I have not summoned you back. As you know only the pillar may summon those from another world." His voice sounded deft to his ears. A hoarse voice, as if it hadn't been used for years, sighed froth from his lips. Clef cleared his throat, silently cursing. "Has Hikaru been wishing for a return to Cephiro?" Clef balled his free hand into a fist and brought it up to his mouth. It was a habbit while he pondered to do so and close his eyes as if the answer would suddenly appear before him.

On Earth:

There it was again. The same whispering voice. The same voice she could now barely recall in her memory of Cephiro. "Clef....?" Umi turned almost expecting to see the small mage behind her. However, her gaze had meet with the trees and shrubs she had peered at before. Nothing had changed not even with the movement of the gentle breeze.

Umi let her hand fall from her eyes. The sun filled her vision again. It blazed through the dense shadow of the trees and fell in patches with the green leaflit of canopey.

'I should be going,' She thought with a downward glance at the stone underneath her when something caught her gaze. The stone was different then before. When she had sat down the stone had been a huge round stone with a flat surface. It retained its shape. The thing that had got her attention was the writing on it. Rune like writing, the same writing on the walls of the mashin.

She released a breath she just realized she was holding. The dream. This stone was in her dream. The one of the forest of silence. Could it be? 'What does this mean?' Her hand brushed across a blue tainted rune. 'Something is missing from the stone.'

"Excuse me miss are you lost?"

Umi turned to see a hunched old priest leaning on a walking stick. His robes rustled in the wind. For a moment time stood still again. 'Boy its been doing that alot. As if in one second there is eternity.' A hand lifted to her throat almost protectively and then stopped to linger on a necklace.

"Uhh, no Im fine. Can you tell me what this rock means sir?"

The old priest squinted in the light as he took feeble steps forward. "The stone? I don't suppose I really know. Its been here since I can remember." His breath came in shortened gasps as he approached.

"Im sorry to trouble you then. I'll be on my way..."
"Yes sir..."
"Do you see the writing?"

Umi stopped and looked back at the stone. Sure enough the writing was still there. If the old priest was going to accuss her of putting it there...."Yes sir. It was like this when I got here."

"Umi, thats a lie." The old man looked up. His eyes had been downcast the whole time and he had not once looked up. However now he glanced up. Looked directly into her eyes and reflected the same aqua blue gaze that meet his own eyes.

"How did you..." She didn't understand or even comprehend.

"Hikaru and Fuu are already in the other world. The pawns are set. What you see in this stone is a ancient language. A history... or as we speak a sort of fortune telling."

"How do you know about us?" Her guard was up. Either to run or to fight. Appearances could be decieving especially when involving Cephiro. "What do you want?"

"To help..."

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