"What?!" Umi stared at Tama. Disbelief etch on her face; a look of uncertainty passed before her. Her loved ones would come to destroy her from Cephiro if she had understood Tama correctly.

"My loved ones? But Tama... how do you know?"

The earth shook beneath their feet sending Umi sprawling to the ground as Tama fell to his knees. Tama turned his head far enough to see the circle stone. It wouldn't be long if she didn't go. If she wasn't sent to stop the plague that would befall them.

"Umi, Listen to me! Im sending you to Cephiro. You have one chance and only one chance to correct a greive mistake." Tama clutched the grass in his hands tighter as the world seemed to tip away from underneath him.

"Tama.. I dont understand! What do I have to correct?" Umi flattened herself against the ground which heaved itself apparently trying to get rid of the pest crawling across the planet's face.

"No time! Umi close your eyes! I will try to send you word once you are in Cephiro."

"But Tama!"


Umi closed her eyes trying to block out the rumbling ground beneath her. Her ears focused on her rapid breathing as her heart played a bugler's taps. Almost instantly the ground below her fell away revealing the crystilline blue sky of Cephiro. A floating island mere feet in front of her replaced Tama's position as she began her desent spiralling downward; a falling angel.

"Mo ichido...once more.." Umi quietly said to herself as she plumeted through the air. Silently she prayed that Fyulu would be back for a third time as had happened the first and second time to catch her before her death. The same gut renching feeling hit her. When she made it back to Earth the first thing on her to do list definately wasn't to go parachuting.

Misty clouds brushed her check in her desent, earthbound. Tiny brown specks grew in size. Slowly they gathered into patches. The green forest of Cephiro dotted the hills. A large patch of green by a mountainous regin marked the Forest of Silence. Details blossomed and became sharper as the destance between Cephirean ground and her shortened.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god..."


"I don't know. She wasn't with us when we were teleported here." Fuu balanced a tea cup on her knee while she spoke with Clef and Ferio. Her soft feminine voice caressed the air around her in velvet waves. "I tried calling her before I went out with Hikaru to see if she would like to come with us. Hikaru and I planned a visit to Tokyo Tower."

Hikaru glanced up at the mention of her name. Her attention drawn towards Mokona and the dark haired swordsman sitting by her side.Her hands folded around Mokona in a light hug. The ever present smile flashing on her face.

"Her mother said that Umi was on a walk and would not return untill later that evening. Umi had asked me to go walking with her the night before but I refused. " Fuu lifted her head peering out a window behind Ferio. An island floated far off in the distance, fluffy white clouds drifted lazily, and a bird took a sharp dive to the ground. A tiny blue sparrow dived down into a throng of bugs. The yellow beak snapping at the tiny flying insects.

"Should all three Magic Knights be transported together?" Lantis moved his cape over for the strawberry haired girl to sit beside him. Her body warmth filled the space between them.

Clef's eyes had a worry deposited in their depths. If the two Knights, which sat in the room chatting with him, came from the same area as before then it seemed logical that the third would be here. Although she would not be coming from the same space which ment she would appear in another area. Clef's eyes widened.


A final scream issued out of her throat before she balled up in fetal position awaiting the enivatable thud to the carpet of Cephiro. Blackness shielded her eyes. She had shut her eyelids tight, hiding, from the fall. It was going to hurt...

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