What Proof is there in the manga that Clef and Umi could possibly be a couple? Well many people point out the "Thank You" scene. Those of us who consider ClefxUmi the most adorable couple know this scene like the back of our hands but for those who don't I've done you all a favor and laid it out manga version.

Thank You scene

In the first season we do not see much interaction between Clef and Umi let alone Clef and anyone but he still makes his presence felt. In the second season (volumns 4-6 of the graphic novels) we have the thank you scene. This is what the manga supporters of ClefxUmi cite as proof for a possible relationship. What happens?

Late at night Umi enters Clef's viewing room, at least that is what it appears to be, when she and the other knights are supposed to be sleeping. Clef asks her if she cant sleep and if so he could easily wip up a potion for her to drink. With a saddened face umi states that having trouble sleeping is not her problem and then asks to join clef.

Not only does Clef allow her to join him, he being such a nice little mage ::gets beat by clef::, summons up one of his floating chairs. In the middle of making 'small talk', I guess you could say, Umi stumbles out "Umm...I...I..." which leads us to two assumptions:

1. Shes about to confess her love for Clef, somehow she kept thinking about him day and night since she returned even though they fought at the begining... it was love at first sight! ::gets beaten by AscotxUmi lovers::

2. or...what she 'chooses' to say next...--->

Umi: "I... I've wanted to apologize to you for a long time."

Yup. Dissapointing isnt it? But theres more. Clef doesnt understand why she would want to apologize. After all what did she have to be so sorry about (just killing Emeruald huh?? JK ::gets beat by more people::). She goes on to say that shes sorry she didnt understand everything in the first place while Clef watches Umi with this complete bewielder look. Amid the mass of apologizing for not understanding the 'painful battle' Clef interrupts her. Heres where my summary just doesnt cut it...

Clef: "There is no reason for you to apologize. Anyone would act like that if they were called from a different world and got caught up in a battle they had no part in."


Clef: "I am the one that must apologize."

However Umi has to shout that it isnt true that Clef helped them so much and that he isnt to blam for what went on. Clef can only hide his face. Is this a show of sorrow from Clef? Im my personal opionion it is. Out of no where Clef smiles taking Umi's hand in his own.

Clef: "Young lady from another world..." ::he takes her hand:: "Legendary Magic Knight who saved out Cephiro." ::clasps her hand in both of his:: To thank you for what you have done." ::view of their hands holding::

Clef thus breaks the moment to get her that potion for sleep while Umi, seemingly touched, places the hand Clef held to her face and says "Thank you... Clef."

Now you decide about the manga. Truelly there isnt much to go on in the manga but thats only one field. Theres still the anime and the oav. Remember that the anime was supervise by CLAMP, too. Perhaps they even decided to show some more scenes and give a little more away there than in their own manga.

Thank You images

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