Crossroads #1

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Four years has passed since the Knights last visited Cephiro. The girlís talk of meeting up at the tower to reflect on the past and talk about the next stages in their lives, college, although beneath the happy smiles concerns lay just behind the surface. Umiís mother has suddenly fallen into a strange comma and the other Knights have similar experiences. Fuuís favorite teacher and associate dies of heat stroke on a mild day inside a cool building a little before Umiís mother falls into her comma.

Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu meet in Tokyo Tower at five on the allotted day. Umi has invited Fuu and Hikaru to her fatherís business party.

Meanwhile in Cephiro Clef and Ferio have deep worries over the unrest in Cephiroís population. The people of Cephiro had recently claimed, and cried out for the pillar system to be resurrected despite Hikaruís wish to dispel it in the Knightís last visit.

In Tokyo a new stranger has arrived. Although known in the Americaís as the Shadow this mysterious hero has just arrived in Japan and commences to bring drug dealers, gang members, and other unsavory lot to their knees. The Shadow leads a double life like superman or Spiderman. His identity besides that of the Shadow is Lamont Cranston a businessman and associate of Umiís father. On the drive back to his local hide out to get ready for Mr. Ryuuzakiís party Lamont experiences visions of Cephiro. Once he gets there, to his hideout, he finds out that one of his friends has suffered a mysterious heat stroke (this is Fuuís beloved teacher). Lamontís grief gets interrupted by a sudden explosion at Tokyo Tower where the Magic Knights are.

The Knights are safe it seems at the end of the first part of Crossroads. However this shock has awakened Nova in Hikaruís heart. Nova speaks softly to her wishing her well and expresses hope to go back to Cephiro although she speaks of the pain Hikaru is experiencing at the current time.

Ferio, in Cephiro, announces that Cephiro has broken up into five main parties and are warring against each other for control of Cephiro. These five parts are the direction north, east, south, west, and then the central area around the crystal castle of Cephiro combined with the floating islands. Ferio has been selected to lead the central and Island people. Clef and Ferio discuss the growing unease of the people and worry over whom the other lands will select as champions to rule the lands. [End of summary 1]