Crossroads #10

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Ragyn sneaks into Kuu’s room where he feels the presence of the Shadow approaching. Ragyn scooped up Kuu and jumps to the balcony as her door opened to reveal the Shadow with glowing emerald eyes and a fedora hat. However, a burst of wind comes in from the giant window open to the balcony and blows the hat, and cloak with an emerald sheet of metal off a coat rack. It is then that Ragyn realizes he has been tricked. Ragyn moves from the balcony noting his mistake as he turns around the Shadow faces him from where Ragyn was only moments before. Ragyn now stands in the direction of the Shadow gazing down the barrels of his two guns held in each hand. The shadow tells Ragyn to let the girl go or else…

A young boy from another land runs into the room. He has come to look for a champion to represent his lands. Fortunately he asks one of the Knights, hopefully, knowing that the three women whom everyone has crowded around are important.

Mackey Muchitsujo, daughter of a boss (mob related), also finds her way into the Hououji household via breaking an entering. She comes bearing a sledgehammer, her personal weapon. She finds her way to the room where she intends on helping the shadow fight the ‘off-worlder.’

Kuu has awaken on Ragyn’s shoulder since he has been moving everywhere to avoid the possible dangers lurking in the room. Concentrating on the Shadow he takes the offensive, waiting, waiting for the Shadow to strike out.

Chad, still on Cephiro, asks someone to explain what is going on.

At the end of Crossroads 10 the Black Lotus Admiral, in his ship, threatens to destroy the Shadow while Skyhawk helps Caldina take Quatre to the crystal palace for medical treatment. [end of summary 10]