Crossroads #11

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Ragyn calls upon the dead buried around the area to come to his aide. Kuu’s room fills with the stench of their bodies and slowly one by one they come into the room. One grabs Mackey by the neck. Ragyn quickly makes his escape out the window and onto a large bird as the Shadow and Mackey fight off the zombies Ragyn animated, including the Fuu’s teacher and the Shadow’s friend.

The Shadow dispatched roughly fifteen corpses, including Kyo his dear friend, before leaving the Hououji residence. As he leaves he informs Mackey to make her get-a-way when he tosses a smoke bomb. As they make their exit a group of Black Lotus agents charge to the Hououji house expecting the Shadow instead of a multitude of zombies.

Back in the taxi the Shadow gives the command to follow the giant bird Ragyn is riding throughout the night sky as Emeruade watches.

At the end of Crossroads 11 Umi compares clef to his old self assuming that he is the same but Ascot seems different, his eyes much darker. How long ago had they last visited Cephiro? [end of Summary 11]