Crossroads #12

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Ragynís bird has been shot down out of the sky by the Shadow with his H&K G3/SG-1 rifle. Ragyn, unscathed, landed near some train tracks. As the taxi, carrying Emeruade and the Shadow with Jubei driving, pulls along side the railroad tracks the Shadow leaps onto the street and then jumps on the side of the train trying to get a grip and finally managing to pull himself up and onto the trainís roof. Ragyn, at the same time, jumped onto the rook of the midnight train only to face the Shadow.

Hikaru, frustrated with all the commotion in the room, shouts out that she doesnít know what to do anymore. Nova reassures her and worries about Hikaru continuing the Pillar system.

Skyhawk has made his way into the crystal palace and walks up to Chad suggesting that they leave. Kyle, a.k.a. Skyhawk, argues with Chad as they go to leave. Kyle believes that the current problems Cephiro and its people will face are not his and his brotherís concern however Chad disagrees. Chad refuses to leave wanting to help and so the brothers part ways. Chad believing that for once in his life he has chosen correctly. Chad runs back into the room where Ferio, Quatre, Caldina, Nova, Clef, Umi, Fuu, Ascot, Zazu, Arista, Megor, and Hikaru are. He quietly strikes up a conversation with Quatre. Both Quatre and Chad, in their conversation, agree that they want to help the people of Cephiro. Ferio decides at this time to formally welcome everyone to Cephiro even at this time of war.

Megor walks up to Umi asking her if she knows all her family.

Kyle leaves Cephiro and appears on a train top on Earth, particularly Japan. Confused he scans the area seeing the Shadow and Ragyn. Skyhawk knows the Shadow from his past and warily stands alert gazing across at Lamont. It is no surprise that Mackey has also followed the Shadow and Ragyn and has landed on the train top as well. She, in either a very brave attempt to put a end to the hostage situation or over estimating her abilities (just kidding), pulls a knife to Ragynís throat, as she is behind Ragyn. Once again the Shadow calls for Ragyn to surrender Kuu who is still on his shoulder.

Driving besides the train, a road follows along side the train tracks, Jubei and Emeruade can only watch. Emeruade realizes that the one called Kyle is someone very familiar, one of her sons.

A new character enters named Leilandra. She wonders into the crystal castle seeking Guru Clef for tutoring in the art of Magic. At the end of Crossroads 12 Kyle gets agitated when his gaze meets his motherís, unbeknownst to him that she is his mother. He calls for Kuuís release or Ragynís death if he does not comply soon. [end of Summary 12]