Crossroads #13

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Ragyn decides mentally to imprison Mackey and Kyle on Cephiro for a short while. With his mental abilities, instead of magic, he picks up Skyhawk and throws him behind Mackey’s legs. As Kyle gets up Ragyn releases a second mental blast, which sends Mackey into Kyle while at the same time draining Kyle’s strength and abilities to teleport. In an instant they vanish into a portal to Cephiro that Ragyn has created behind the both of them. Meanwhile Ragyn sends Kuu to a darker place, a forbidden place known only to himself and a few other living souls. In a fit of rage at the Shadow he likens himself to the old Shadow, a darker man in actions than the one now. He hints that his people once traded with the Cephireans and those of Earth but were lost, destroyed somehow and he lost everything too.

Lamont can only pity Ragyn though. Yes, he agrees that they are alike in the mind however Ragyn’s only concern is with revenge and the past and not with the happiness of the future. Part of the train roof had been torn up with Ragyn’s psychic powers when he sent Mackey and Kyle away and now the only passenger that did not escape to another car, a photographer with his camera, watches as Ragyn and the Shadow trade blow for blow. It is only when Ragyn slings the camera man overboard does he gain the advantage for he knows that the Shadow will save him. The Shadow runs over to the terrified man who clings onto safely by his fingertips at the train surface and helps him up only to fall and cling to the train top himself. With a good stomp on the Shadow’s fingers Ragyn manages to knock his enemy into the river below as they cross a bridge.

Jubei and Emeruade are horrified as the Shadow plunges into the darkness of the river. Jubei quickly swings the car off road and near the side of the river waiting for Lamont to surface. Finally when they almost lose hope, after fifteen minutes, Lamont appears. Emeruade and Jubei get him into the taxi and then back to his place. Once there Lamont explains to her about her two sons, which forces her to remember that she and Zagato had sent away before the Knights came. At the end of their long discussion on the boy’s pasts he now assures her that they both know what to do. They have to go to Cephiro and face the threat that looms overhead, Ragyn. Once deep inside the sanctum Lamont shows Emeruade a meditation room of sorts. He faces her and tells her to think of Cephiro and only of Cephiro. As she does so he focuses all his energy on her and them in Cephiro. When they open their eyes they are no longer on earth but in a village square near the Crystal palace. Emeruade is home.

Emeruade and Lamont go towards the crystal palace until they see Mackey and Skyhawk at the doors. Lamont tells her to go up to Kyle and tell him the truth then he vanishes. Emeruade goes up to them and looks at Kyle, who realizes who see is but does not let surprise show on his face. Emeruade tells the stunned guards to let them in.

A new character enters, a young girl with a wolf. She transforms into a little black fox and follows Emeruade to the gates. Mackey, noticing that the fox, and turns to it. Emeruade knows that the fox is not a real fox and orders the girl to show her true form.

On Cephiro Chad suggests that Ferio sends people out to assess the situations on all sides and perhaps to dig up information on recent events.

At the end of Crossroads 13 Emeruade stares into the foxes blue eyes just like her own and tries to remember where she has seen them before. [end of summary 13]