Crossroads #14

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Umi walks out of the main foyer rather confused at all the mess. Clef politely suggests that they, himself and Ferio, assign people to rooms for the night. Megor watches as Umi walks off and then grits his teeth at the confusion, which seems to be simmering down in the room.

The small fox that has been following Emeruade finally changes shape back to that of a little girl who looks remarkably like Zagato. Skyhawk with Emeruade, Mackey, and Lilandra manage to get to the front gates and enter the castle for now with the strange little girl and her wolf following them.

Chad, meanwhile, converses with Megor and anyone who will listen about helping the good of the Cephirean people although Megor tells Chad he could care less.

Ferio quietly addresses Chad as to Chad’s plans on idividual missions. It is a good idea he assumes however it would have to wait till the morning when all were rested and then perhaps Quatre and Chad could assist in assigning these missions to gather intelligence on their foes and other situations arising in Cephiro.

Neira, Clef’s current pupil, distractedly wonders why her lessons have been put on hold for the time being and what troubles she may assist in.

Ferio escorts Fuu to her room, trying to push away what he has felt in her absence and the nagging feeling of loss because he knows that when Cephiro is at peace the Knights will once again leave.

Ragyn, down in the Cephirean soil and cave systems, watches over the still perfect almost sleeping comrades who fall thousands of years ago in a mythical battle on Cephiro. As Crossroads 14 ends Ragyn remembers a single women named Freya who had pleaded with him in the past not to go out into battle for the Cephireans only wanted peace such as they.

[End of Summary 14]