Crossroads #15

Note: It is essential that all new members read either the full story or the summaries. This is for the benefit of the player so that the character will resume, or come into play correctly. If you have questions please send them to Thanks! –Umi


As Ascot walks the halls in deep thought, Umi has made it to the room she stayed in on the previous occasions when traveling to Cephiro. The room is not unlike how she remembers however on each side of the wall there are carvings, or rather engravings of the first time the Knight’s were summoned. As she runs her hands over the small figure of what could only be the young Ball Ascot walks by in a seemingly dazed manner. She calls to him and quietly asks to speak with him.

Fuu and Ferio know that deep in their hearts there is a love for the other but there is an unavoidable knowledge that Fuu will return and Ferio will stay. She speaks to him as they go to her room although she slips up forgetting the distance she is trying to put between them and calls him Ferio-sama instead of Prince Ferio. Ferio, meanwhile, wonders if everything would be different if he wasn’t a Prince.

The Shadow, moving items from Earth to Cephiro motor cart, has sent a contact ahead of him to be his link and personal contact. Now the Shadow has set up, or rather begun to set up a sanctum on Cephiro where he might watch the actions of Ragyn and those of Cephiro closer. Although the people of Cephiro do not know that it is not evil that has come this night as a shrill screech fills the air but good, so they pray for the creator to protect and preserve.

In the distant castle Clef hears the cry of the machinery noting with interest a road established between Earth and Cephiro, as if a reminder from the past about something important, something he should remember but cant.

As Crossroads 15 ends Ascot and Umi are admiring the carvings on Umi’s walls: Ascot with Nostalgia; Umi with thoughtfulness.

[End of Summary 15]