Crossroads #16

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Ascot and Umi talk in her room about Umiís motherís sudden illness but Umi quickly changes the subject wanting someone to smile. With a quick shift of pace Umi, apparently in Chibi, grabs Ascotís hat away from him and backs up playfully, trying to lighten up the mood. Despite Ascotís mocking tone he smiles, letting a little warmth back into him. They agree to get something to eat with Ascot chipping in about how he tastes sneaky magic in his food.

Leilandra finally gets in to see Clef and asks about joining as his pupil. He reluctantly tells her that his lessons are canceled however she may train at the current point with another one of his students named Neira Eco.

Hikaru, in thought, has turned to the Castleís gardenís to quiet her mood. Lantis, being in his usual sleeping spotÖa tree in the sun, notices the lone Knight and jumps down. Immediately he realizes that shes worried about something.

Fuu finally breaks down her barriers and admits that she has missed him. With tears in her eyes she hugs him.

Neira, walking the castle grounds, has stumbled upon the foryer were everyone is leaving for their respective rooms. She is searching, once again, for Clef whom she cannot find. Mentally she asks someone, anyone as to what has happened, is happening, in the room. Mackey hears her and shrugs stating that she really doesnít know but points her in a direction to which Clef went.

Zazu wonders through the hall towards his room thinking back about Geo who lays dying on Autozam. Suddenly he sneezes but connects it to Autozamís pollution instead of any sickness shared between Cephiro and Autozam.

Presea hears Clef and a female talking and tiptoes to the door listens in.

Megor spots Zazu and walks up to him speaking about the boyís troubled look.

At the end of Crossroads 16 Ferio leads Fuu into her room and kisses her hand before leaving.

[End of Summary 16]