Crossroads #17

Note: It is essential that all new members read either the full story or the summaries. This is for the benefit of the player so that the character will resume, or come into play correctly. If you have questions please send them to Thanks! –Umi


A new character bent on his own destruction, Celica, toys with a dagger while contemplating suicide. However the Shadow seems to seep into Celica’s house with the darkness and cold of night reviving the will in Celica to live for his wife and child who passed away and had become so much of his grief. In exchange for his life given back to him Celica has become one of the Shadow’s Cephirean agents.

A girl named Kyoko arrives. Apparently she needs to find and get into contact with Madoushi Clef, much like a lot of people, and prove to him who she is, which is unclear at the current time to our readers. All we know by her dialogue is that her mother is connected to Earth and she knows the layout of the Crystal palace very well.

Fuu sweetly tells Ferio to make a wish on the first star he sees as they look out the window. Ferio wishes on the star for Fuu to be happy forever.

Skyhawk travels to Chad’s room asking him about what he knows of his past. They talk in brief about it, seemingly to the distaste of Chad, for there is something he seems not to want to know about, perhaps the hardships.

At the end of Crossroads 17 Ferio is amazed to find out Fuu, Hikaru, and Umi have seen Emeruade alive and well but suggests there could be deadly circumstances if she were called upon.

[End of Crossroads 17]