Crossroads #21

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Zazu, from Autozam, has arrived. He knows that the sickness that is spreading in each planet originates from something, somewhere on Cephiro. Perhaps, he ponders, they will find out what is wrong. Umi gives back Ascotís hat which she had taken the previous night.

There seems to be something wrong with Presea for she keeps getting sick. Could she possibly have the sickness everyone is so worried about?

Hikaru is slightly embaressed as Lantis leans over to talk to her though her thoughts quickly switch to Nova who sits near her. Shes worried about her. Nova quickly tells Hikaru that her being forgiven is what is bothering her. Hikaru shakes her head and hugs her.

Caldina introduces herself to Arista as Quatre stands nearby watching. Quatre eventually comes into the conversation introducing himself to the others.

Ferio and Fuu both ponder the girl that looks strangely like them. Kyoko is astonished herself but for another reason, her aunt Emeruade is alive.

Patiently Baron Drakov smokes a Fahren pipe as everyone settles themselves. Amusedly he watches the Magic Knights and Emeruade with interest.

Leilandra introduces herself to Ferio indicating that she is here to help in any way possible.

At the end of Crossroads Chad quietly asks Megor if he thinks Kyle, Chadís brother will be there when Clef begins to talk. Megorís reply is a shrug.

[end of summary]