Crossroads #22

Note: It is essential that all new members read either the full story or the summaries. This is for the benefit of the player so that the character will resume, or come into play correctly. If you have questions please send them . Thanks! ľUmi


Ragyn decides that enough is enough and leaps out from the tree he has inhabited. Mildly amused he scares off the thieves and simply turns Zagato into a Gem coated Corpse, or rather a frozen gem. He offers Kyle power in return Kyle must work for him. Kyle agrees for some mysterious reason. Ragyn vanishes as Guru Clef teleports Kyle and Naomi to the foyer of the Crystal palace. Chad finds out about this and cannot believe that his brother has betrayed him but there is no use in arguing.

Little Naomi is getting weaker from the poison and Chad quickly turns his attention to her. Rulya, rushes over to help Naomi quickly spiriting her away to pull out the arrows. Once the arrows are out Rulya sucks the poison out and Naomi returns to health introducing herself to Rulya.

At the end of Crossroads Leilandra gives Ferio a rare flower while Chad and Megor wait a little less patiently for Clef to start the assignments.

[end of summary]