Crossroads #23

Note: It is essential that all new members read either the full story or the summaries. This is for the benefit of the player so that the character will resume, or come into play correctly. If you have questions please send them . Thanks! –Umi


Before Clef hands out the missions he briefly pauses to warn everyone of the dangers of the local regions. Weapons and Armor will be given out after he has selected groups for each mission, Clef announces.

Mission one: Hikaru, Nova, and Mackey must retrieve an ancient book called “Tragica Pillar.” To get the book they must travel to the town of Leiyo in the Eastern region, which is extremely hostile, and go into a tavern called ‘Amethia’ where another Yil, named Rashara, will meet them with the book. (They will know Yil Rashara by the band which rings his forehead, a blue moon stone, and he will carry a yellow green bird.) Mokona will go with this group so that these three can disguise themselves.

Mission two: Megor, Ascot, and Umi are to travel to the western area of Cephiro and cross the channel of Sirena to an island called Feralin Dormai. There on Feralin Dormai is an area of ruins which need to be investigated. The ruins contain text and glifs (old Cephirean picture symbols) that are hinted to be around the age of the first pillar. Clef would like for them to record their findings and bring them back. It is also worth noting that the island is covered in dense jungle and it is uncertain as to which region controls Feralin Dormai. There are also reported underground tunnels and sink holes here plus mermaids surround the island.

Mission three: Fuu, Ferio, and Kyoko are to travel to Sornowa, using Fyulu, which floats in the skies of the southern area of the central land region just a day’s journey away. There is an elderly Sprite by the name of Zenith which will explain some ancient lore of a third race, that knowledge is to be brought back to clef.

Mission four: Presea and Caldina (& Neira if/when she returns). “In the hostile south region just outside of the southern border of the central lands territory lays the town of Kyo, a settlement of Fahrenians and Chizetans. Go there and retrieve information on how the respective planets have been fairing during this time.” They are to go under cover and not to tell the foreigners of their connections to the crystal palace.

Mission five: Zazu, Leilandra, Arista, and Quatre. In the Eastern region, by a delta river, the town of Lupina is a revolutionist’s recruiting station especially for technical Autozam weapon specialists and mercenaries. This team is to check up on these rumors and see who the operative from Cephiro is that may be hiring trained Autozam forces. “Do not engage in battle if you can.”

Mission six: Chad- Is to search one of two cities; the southern tip of the eastern region to a town known as Mandri or to a town called Win-ko on the southern part of the western region. Clef senses something sinister and he just wishes Chad to check it out.

“Mission seven”: Emeruald, Naomi, Moro, and Ryula are to travel just outside the castle to the main city which surrounds this crystal Palace. “Please help those who are in need… if you can…” and aide them.

Finally Clef asks Baron Drakov to keep an eye on the Northern territory because the Baron has a Castle up there. After the meeting Clef introduces the Baron to the Knights and to Emeruade. Drakov, aka Lamont, hints not to be afraid of the shadows.

The rest of the group splits off into their mission units socializing with each other before heading out.

At the end of Crossroads 23 Ragyn talks to Kyle telling him that all will be revealed especially how the Cephireans murdered his people.

[end of summary]