Crossroads #25

Note: It is essential that all new members read either the full story or the summaries. This is for the benefit of the player so that the character will resume, or come into play correctly. If you have questions please send them . Thanks! –Umi


Skyhawk and Chad enter Win-ko to find a peaceful little town. An old woman directs them towards the elder’s house if they have any questions. The place almost seems too quiet and pleasant.

Celica has established himself at the major school and learning center of Cephiro. From there, as an agent of the Shadow, he has a vast information system that he can go through if the shadow needs it. He finds that the information the Shadow seeks is not within his hands but of the Yil named Rashara and the text is called ‘The Tragica Pillar.’ [sound familiar??] He hastily sends a note to his lord telling him of his find. The message, which is carried via carrier pigeon, travels to the cold and lone Obsidian Forest where it is picked up by the Shadow. [Apparently the Shadow has one of his ‘lairs’ in the Obsidian forest.] After reading the message he puts down a list of mission priorities number one of the list is helping Hikaru’s group in the town of Leiyo, where they are supposed to retrieve the book of ‘Tragica Pillar.’

Clef gives the groups heading out communicators for their travels since only one group can carry Mokona with them. He also lends one of his seiyuu’s to Fuu’s group, a griffin named Tetya. Fuu’s group heads towards the floating island of Sornowa to find the fae named Zenith.

Hikaru’s group make it to Leiyo and receive fair warning by the border guard about the ruffians of the town. Finally they make their way to the inn of Amethia where Rashara waits.

Umi’s group readies themselves to head out while discussing possible tactics in traveling. Ascot muses over their mission as Megor rallies for fighting.

The rest of the groups have not headed out yet and are still with Clef.
(Zazu, Arista, Eme, and the others are still there talking together.)

[End of Crossroads summary 25.]