Crossroads #26

Note: It is essential that all new members read either the full story or the summaries. This is for the benefit of the player so that the character will resume, or come into play correctly. If you have questions please send them . Thanks! ĖUmi


While assigning armor to the remaining groups Clef is visited by Ragyn, as he appears in the main room filled with everyone. Megor refuses the armor saying that if he cannot defeat his enemy without the armor than he is better off dead. Megor laughs at the physical form of Ragyn underestimating the threat before them. Ragyn, a little perturbed at Megorís reaction, physically attacks Megor knocking him back into the ground. As Ragyn is about to slam his right leg into Megorís head Clef summons a barrier around Megor. Ragyn, who yells at the mage about the ethics of one on one, turns to Megor using his own magic. He creates a void of darkness around Megor. Inside Megor is trapped in nothingness for what seems an eternity when something happens, himself from a possible future shows up. Ragyn disappears as usual leaving only a stunned silence behind him. Meanwhile the two Megors merge as one and are finally able to escape the void. He admits that even in himself there are weaknesses. With that, and getting out of the void, that Umiís group should start their quest with himself as part of the transport instead of Ascotís beasts.

Kyle (Skyhawk) and Chad meet up with the elder of Winko.

The girls- Nova, Hikaru, and Mackey with their companion Mokona- make their way into the town and to the tavern passing several ruffians and harlots. While entering the pup they over here random conversations of the unsavory sort mainly pertaining to how the thugs would like to get their grubby hands on the Knights and secondly wondering why the Jil Keiran is now a bartender at the Amethia. The Jil Keiran, upon seeing the girls, motions them over to Yil Rashara and his bird Sorra. Rashara greets them warmly very enthusiastic about finally meeting a Magic Knight. With him he carries the sacred book ďTragica Pillar.í

Ferio, Fuu, and Kyoko continue on their journey to the floating Island. Finally landing on it and beginning their journey though not before Kyoko experiences a little worry over the foreboding feeling she has.

At the end of Crossroads 26 Chad and Kyle enter into the elderís house asking for further explanation of the strange and ill fated wind blowing throughout the town. [end of Summary 26]