Crossroads #28

Note: It is essential that all new members read either the full story or the summaries. This is for the benefit of the player so that the character will resume, or come into play correctly. If you have questions please send them . Thanks! ĖUmi


Fuu, Ferio, and Kyoko are in Sornowa trying to find Zenith. Kyoko deviously plots to bring her parents closer together by having Ferio pick up Fuu, who still has the injured ankle.

Emerauld and Ryula help Clef back to his room. Emerauld decides that it is in the best interest to help those around the castle during these hard times. Meanwhile Ryula wonders where she is and wants to know how she came to be here, and what is going on.

In Leiyo a shadowy figure watches the three newcomers and the Yil Rashara at the unsavory tavern of Amethia. The figure nods to some thugs setting in motion turns of events in the soon to be future. While the Jal serves the thug, the Yil Rashara agrees to Mackey that Clef can take care of himself. He also points down to the Tragica Pillar. The book they have been sent to recover. Yil Rashara knows that they have been watched and has secretly notified Jal Keiran to that effect. Jal Keiran sees the shadowy figure that has been watching Yil Rashara and the three girls but is once again distracted by his bartending duties. While this happens the figure slips out of the door.

Megor, Ascot and Umi traveled to the outside gates of the city. Their goal is to reach the Island of Feralin Dormai. Megor offers to fly the three of them to the island by carrying Umi and Ascot under each arm.

Chad and Skyhawk agree to take on the situation in Win-ko while talking to the old man.

Meanwhile Leilandra approaches Zazu about their group asking if they should head out soon to get to Lupina. (Their group is Leilandra, Zazu, Arista, and Quatre. To see their mission please look at Crossroads summary 23.) Quatre marvels over the weapons Clef has given them. Leilandra finally assess that using a spirit beast would be the fastest way possible in order to get to Lupina.

At the end of Crossroads 28 Hikaru comforts Nova assuring her that they were meant to be there and do their jobs while Quatre decides to help Leilandra in any way possible. It is a beautiful world after all, isnít it?

[end of Crossroads summary 28]