Crossroads #3

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While Emeraude watches Mr. Ryuuzaki introduces Lamont to Umi. Umi then turns to Emeraude and inquires if she is Mr. Cronstonís guest, with a look of astonishment and unbelief. Hikaru also introduces herself to Lamont and Emeruade. When Emeraude hears Hikaruís name the rest of her memories flood back including images of Hikaru as a pillar. Lamont spends a moment noting that both Hikaru and Umi are from Earth but feel connected to something else. In search of answers he taps into Hikaruís open mind and is assaulted by memories of Cephiro on two occasions. He also sees a third accident where Hikaruís family had recently been in a Dojo fire with Hikaruís mom badly burned, her brothers in a car accident, and then Umiís mom in a coma. Then as if to bring about all the Ďaccidentsí connected to the Knights he see his friend and Fuuís teacher dead. Umi thus excuses herself and Hikaru, in an attempt to gather rational explanations for the re-emergence of Emeraude on Earth, thus breaking the connection Lamont and Hikaru shared. Lamont aka the Shadow now knows that Umi, Hikaru, and the hospitalized Fuu are the Magic Knights that Ďkilledí Emeraude. He also knows that Nova is embodied in Hikaru at the currernt time. Before attending to the rest of the Party Lamont invites the Princess back to his lair. Umi and Hikaru, in brief, worry that since the Tokyo Tower has been destroyed, the only place they have ever been summoned from, they may not be able to go back to Cephiro even though they sense it is in danger.

On Cephiro Ariste bumps into Zazu before they enter into the viewing room. Clef, in midst of examining the problems ahead with Ferio opens the door allowing Zazu and Ariste to enter. It is here that Ariste tells the Cephireans that she is the late Eagleís sister. Zazu also introduces the Cephireans to Ariste; Clef, Ascot, and Ferio.

Emeruade stops the Knights before they leave to visit Fuu in the hospital, on Earth, and suggests that the Knights and herself talk. Watching from a distance Lamont vows to protect Emeruade and to aide in her quest, mentally. Emeraude assures the Knights that she does not know why she has come back but adds that their might be a connect with the Tokyo Tower. Noticing the link there she goes on to say that the person who destroyed the tower was most likely after the Knights and not wanting them to return to the troubled Cephiro. However, Emeraude suggests that Nova could be their way back to Cephiro. Nova speaks with Lamont telepathically about the past and her worries about Hikaru and herself splitting up again.

Elsewhere a new character (actually another one from a different anime) fights a distant battle among the stars. Quatre flies Sandrock to a base belonging OZ, his objective is to destroy it. Once inside Quatre activates a destruction sequence within the base. OZ officials shot Quatre rendering him incapable of escaping the impending explosion. As blood drains from his body Quatre watches the time tick away until he passes out.

At the end of Crossroads 3 Ferio observes the actions around him. [end of summary 3]