Crossroads #5

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Umi, at the hospital, has just realized what everyone already figured out, that the source of the Knight’s problems stems from Cephiro. Even though the Knights do not want to leave their injured family members they will have to go to Cephiro to check it out. Just as Umi and Hikaru go to leave they bump into Chad. Chad, in frenzy, asks the Knights if they know about a dream he’s been having dealing with Cephiro and the loss of Emeruade and Zagato. Chad, not yet knowing that Zagato and Emeruade are his true parents, tries to understand the importance of them while speaking to Umi. Almost resignedly Umi gives in and admit his dreams of the Magic Knights and Cephiro are true; “It happened about four years ago.”

The Shadow, at his home, takes in Emeraude and shows her to a room where she finds cloths to wear. After showing her to her room Lamont, the Shadow, suggests that they talk however Emeruade declines and proposes that they get some sleep due to the late hour. They retire but as Lamont lies in bed he sees an illusion of Ragyn peering in before it dissipates. Emeruade is awaken shortly after dreaming of the past and summons her powers in order to see the Knights at the current time. Not only does she see the Knights but she also sees Chad, although she too does not recognize him as her son. She kisses the golden orb, which allows her to see the Knights and Chad and the view shifts to the viewing room of the Crystal Palace in Cephiro. Summoning up her strength Emeruade begins to travel to Cephiro. With a plea in her voice she calls out for the magic Knights to join her in Cephiro.

Ragyn in a fit yells out in the crystal palace to Madoushi Clef and Bal Ascot, and anyone else present in the viewing room, that Emeruade has returned. Cynically he asks mentally if the Shadow can here him. On Earth Lamont snaps awake hearing and seeing Ragyn and the Cephirean conference room. His connection is broken as Emeruade tells Lamont goodbye mentally. He replies that he would soon be there with her.

Ascot hears Ragyn as if he is speaking directly to him. He voices the concern everyone in the viewing room has, what was that? Without knowing what to do Ascot rushes out of the room. He ponders as he leaves with his untrusting nature, now, that the Cephirean people need a leader or else they would probably destroy themselves. Clef watches the Bal go before turning back to Ragyn.

Lamont, now certain that Ragyn is behind everything, leaves for his Sanctum. At the end of Crossroads 5 Jubei drives Lamont to the sanctum. [end of Summary 5]