Crossroads #6

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Ragyn has set up a way to drain Emeruade’s power as soon as she appeared on Cephiro. Clef pointedly asks Ragyn why he is there and what he has come for, for Ragyn has offered them ‘help’. Without answering Ragyn vanishes and appears by Emeruade. He taunts her telling her that in summoning the Magic Knights she has used the last of her powers and now is mortal. With that he laughs and sends Emeruade back to Earth slightly frustrated that the Magic Knight have come to Cephiro too soon and that he cannot do anything about it. He whispers to himself, wanting and wishing for Hikaru to become the pillar again.

Emeruade appears on Earth a mortal and tries to call out mentally to anyone.

Arista runs after Ascot but he gets away from her. She muses to herself as she runs down the palace hall that fate has finally come for her to do its will.

At the end of Crossroads 6 Fuu and the rest of the Knights fall once more through Earth and then through the skies of Cephiro. Fuu is quoted, as thinking “Isn’t it odd how life is? One moment your laying helplessly in a hospital bed, and the next thing you know your limbs are flailing in the air as you plummet thousands of feet to an almost certain doom? She barely heard Umi cry out for one of Clef’s creatures to save them.’ [End of summary 6]