Crossroads #7

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The Magic Knights finally arrive on Cephiro. Umi calls out for Caldina, Clef, and Ascot as she enters the Crystal palace. Ascot, not really believing his ears but still hearing something, races through the halls. Upon seeing Umi he wonders if the mysterious man, Ragyn, would be their next and newest opponent. It seemed so in place that the Knights should arrive on Cephiro. He lets his mind wonder for a moment angrily thinking of Clef before knocking it aside, he was after all just a friend, right? Nothing more he supposed. For the first time in the story Ascot seems happy genuinely blushing as he calls out to the Knights.

In the viewing room Clef announces the presence of the Knights and suggests that everyone go out to greet them. Clef, however, stays behind for awhile to deliberate the stranger, Ragyn.

Arista steps into the main foyer and quietly introduces herself to the knights. Nova has split from Hikaru and waits outside afraid to go in. Ferio, of course, rushes in a chance to meet Fuu but he knows that since the Knights have been summoned the land faces yet another battle, another war. He happily greets them.

Hikaru notices Nova just outside the doors and tells her that no one blames her and that she should be with the rest of them. She also notes that Arista has the same name as Eagle, sirname Vision.

At the end of Crossroads 7 everyone gathers into the front foyer with the Knights, except Caldina and those who have not really entered in the story yet. Nova is forgiven and Hikaru even goes so far as to tell her that she loves her being a part of herself. [end of Summary 7]