Crossroads #8

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Ragyn muses how his attack’s on the Knight’s loved ones is very like the old Nova. He mentally taunts the Shadow, hinting at his next victim.

Chad, left in the hospital, meets up with Skyhawk. Skyhawk quickly asks what happened because he felt the disturbance with dimensions. Skyhawk, when questioned about what he knows of the situation, gets mad but stops as soon as his communicator connected to his commander turns on and tells him that its his brother. Before the commander can tell Skyhawk and Chad anything else another rip in the dimensional space opens up and sends the two men to Cephiro. The guys make it past the guards and head in, Chad looking for the Knights. Chad and his brother get into it with the guards, Skyhawk maneuvers out but the guards capture Chad and bring him to the room where the Knights are.

Elsewhere the Shadow has stealthily entered the Japanese police headquarters and searches through the files; three files are accessed each one concerning one of the Knight’s (Umi’s mother Mariko, the fire at the Shidou dojo, and Fuu’s teacher). He also brings up two more cases, which had been over looked. One of the files contained that of Umi’s assistant fencing captain who had been killed in a match with a mysterious girl. The second new case happened only one week after the death of the asst. fencing captain in which a girl from Hikaru’s school had been walking with Hikaru after getting Ice cream and a car hit and killed her. In connecting the first three cases with the second two the Shadow quickly writes down in his own notes that the only house whose family has not been attacked is that of Fuu’s.

Another character appears on the scene. This one is called Megor and as he travels to the crystal palace in Cephiro he talks about meeting his sister who has returned to the land of Cephiro once more. As he runs through the landscape he reveals that his sister is none other than Umi.

Emeruade awakes to find herself in a shop with a kind women who has taken her in. She thanks her and asks how she may get in contact with Lamont Cranston, Jr. She gets in contact with Lamont via the telephone and explains all that has happened to her since she vanished. He, in returns, comes to pick her up from the shop indicating as they talk that Ragyn would likely strike the Hououji household that night and that he planned to be there when he did.

On Cephiro Ascot mentally measures the Knight’s happiness and hints that he would like to see them stay. Zazu worries about Geo’s health and if coming to Cephiro will help him.

Finally Quatre awakens and finds himself somewhere he does not recognize (Cephiro!). He struggles to his feet and wonders if the rest of the GundamWing pilots are here. Caldina, happening to hear someone in the forest where she is goes to check on it and finds Quatre. Skyhawk also stumbles into the injured pilot and Caldina who is helping him to his feet.

At the end of Crossroads 8 Emeruade and Lamont share food on Earth and Nova and Hikaru thank Lantis for giving Hikaru a pendant. [end of Summary 8]