Crossroads #9

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Caldina picks up Quatre protectively and begins to take him back to the castle with Skyhawk following.

Megor fights through the guards (we’ve been seeing a lot of this lately) and enters through the crystal palace doors in search for Ryuuzaki Umi. The only family he knows exists.

The Shadow and Emeruade who have been sharing the privacy of a meal dine and talk together. Having an urge to tell Emeruade the truth he does hint about him being a slightly darker soul, the Shadow, being over a hundred, and his past lives. Emeruade confides in Lamont about her falling in love and being the pillar, and then her untimely end.

The guards who have captured Chad bring him to Umi. She tells them that he is her friend and everything is fine. As they leave she notices Clef has joined the room and her heart plummets over the though of Clef and Ascot, how have they been? Ascot watches suspiciously as the guards release Chad. Cephiro had an odd way of doing things and so many things, at the current point, were happening. Umi tells Chad that he isn’t dreaming anymore and that he is now in Cephiro the land of his dreams.

Megor stops suddenly and decides better about rushing into seeing his sister. He decides to wait a little while staying in the castle.

Ragyn appears above the Hououji residence, awaiting his attack on Kuu’s room. Lamont senses the nearness of the attack and tells Jubei and Emeruade to get ready. With utmost haste they leave with Lamont changing into the Shadow in the taxi. Once at the Hououji residence the Shadow tells those in the taxi to be careful and wait for him before vanishing into the Hououji household.

As Crossroads 9 ends the Shadow is almost seen creeping through the house by the maid and the night watchmen but they figure it is only shadows playing tricks on their minds. [end of summary 9]