It has come to that time of weither you decide to join
or not. Just answer these simple questions:

1. Have you read the rules page?
2.Have you picked a character out of the Open slots
/made up a character?

If "yes" then;
3. Send a e-mail with all the included information as seen
on the "How to Join" page.

If "no" then;
3.Look at the open characters or make up your own.
4.Submit your 'resume' to my e-mail addy.
5. If you are accepted (which Im sure you will!!!) then
go to MKR_RPGml page
sign up for a e-group account. Then subscribe to the group.
I will aprove you almost emediately. (i aprove new People every

or A simple way to subscribe if you already have a e-group
account is just to click below.

Thank you for your time and effort! Please send all questions
to my e-mail addy below.

Subscribe to mkr_rpgml
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