I Want to See Your Smile
- rules

Before you apply please review the following rules. Thank you.

1.No hentai!

2.Do not.. and I repeat..do not "play" for another character!
This may only be done if the character player agrees that you
may play that character but you must tell me this!Both participants
in this action must send e-mail telling me so at tavernkitty@hotmail.com
and not the rpg mailing list!

3.Do not send forwards on this rpg list! And you know what
Im talking about!People who do so will be banned unless otherwise

4. Please do not flame anyone. You can talk out of character
(known as "ooc: blah blah") though.

5. Don't act out of character when you are playing your character
unless it is a story where your character goes evil or its in
another dimension of MKR. Okay? So Ferio dont be kissing on
Hikaru unless you not in the main dimension of MKR.Okay?Thanks.

6. Do not threaten the group.

7. Once you are banned do not try to sign up for another account.

8. Do not discriminate based on sex, gender, race (ethnicity), sexual orientation (yaoi, yuri, and opposite), ideas, religious system, nor social status- all those who threaten or make fun of another player will be banned permenately without trial.

&. As usual to join this list check out the "How to Join" page.

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