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Thinking about joining this rpg? Well I hope so because it would make my life much more interesting. Please do join! Right now there are only two of us and a possible third although he hasnt seen this page and does not know how to join. (I'll be sending you this page!!) Okay on with the information!

To join this rpg group you must complete the following steps;

Step 1
You must have read the Rules page!!! This is essential or else you could possibly be banned and we wouldn't want that would we?

Step 2
Pick a character and make sure that you check which characters are open and which characters are all ready taken! Certain characters control Mashin like the Magic Knights and Zagato. Note: Mokona is a character that stays free. By this I mean that everyone in the RPG can play him. Like I would play him if Umi chases him. (Since I figured no one would want to be Mokona on the fact that your lines would consist of "Puu Puu", Mokona says as he messed up Clef's study yet once more.)

Step 3 Once you have picked or created a character to play the isn't taken then you will need to e-mail me at with the following form filled out. Note: The more information you have the better chances you have at getting the character you wish.

(simply copy then paste this into the e-mail and fill it out!)

Character you wish to Play: (someone)
Age: (pick one)
Appearance: (description of character through your eyes)
Attitude: (The attitude of the character through your eyes)
Anything Else: (any more info you want me to know about your character?)

Brief Role Play Using your character:
(at least a paragraph with your character doing something!)
(End of Form)

Or go back to the front page and go to the Application form, fill it out
and hit submit. Hopefully this will be easier on you now.

Step 4
Send the form to me and wait for me to reply. If you are accepted I will send you a url. This url is for the Egroup which this rpg runs off to. You will need to sign up for an account and then go to the second url I have sent you in my reply. Simply subscribe to the rpg.

Step 5
After you subscride you will have to wait untill I accept you into the final stage of the rpg. (This isnt as hard as It sounds! Trust me!!) Once I accept you then you will automatically be sent a acceptance form. Then your all set to start role playing! Thank you for your support!

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